April 2016


“Achievement is talent plus preparation.”

Malcolm Gladwell


The host

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April 4 2016

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Trending Topic

Xiomara Nicolaas & Shandell Matrono

Ministry of Economic Developement

Topic: Consumer Price Auditing


General Tips & Tricks

Daniel Corsen & Steven Martina

D&I and Guardian Group

Topic: Best in Business Award


Stakeholder in the Spotlight

Leonie Pluyter & Marchien Naber

Curaçao Cullinair & Handelsmissie Curaçao

Topic: Curaçao Cullinair & Handelsmissie Curaçao

Steven Martina

web Guardian Group

Leonie Pluyter

web Curacao Culinair

Marchien Naber

web Handelsmissie Curacao

April 11 2016

Trending Topic

Shari Schoop

The Breakfast Club

Topic: Freelancers Award

General Tips & Tricks

Sulin Passial

Pantalla Chica

Topic: Local Film Producers

Stakeholder in the Spotlight

Hugo Clarinda

Interm Director of the Curaçao Tourism Bureau

Topic: The role of the de toerist sector

Shari Schoop

red Breakfast Club Curacao

Hugo Clarinda

red The Curacao Tourism Bureau

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THE BUSINESS HUB will be the well of knowledge & ideas for business development originating from Curacao; The Program must lead to better understanding of business materials/information, Support of the sector, Inspire (aspiring) entrepreneurs, leading to more interaction of the sector with stakeholders and thus growth and empowerment of the economy of Curacao. To contribute to the program contact us!