The Business Hub


December 2015 was the pilot month

The Business Hub ( The HUB) is a multi-channel broadcast that highlights the burning business issues & opportunities for the local business community, bringing together experts and stakeholders to provide necessary information for business excellence in Curacao.


The host

December 14 2015

Trending Topic

Ries van Lomwel & Gonneke van den Kieboom

Workspot Curaçao & Creative lab

Topic: Coworking, Working Apart Together


General Topic

Marjorie Placencio & Ricardo Lochan

The Loan Specialists & Curaçao Innovation and Technology Institute

Topic: Cashflow Management, Balancing Cost

Ries van Lomwel

Workspot Curaçao


Gonneke van den Kieboom

Creative Lab Curaçao

Marjorie Placencio

The Loan Specialist

December 21 2015

Trending Topic

Vishal Oedjaghir & Krishna Doll

The Space Platform Curacao


General Tips & Tricks

Carlinda van Marel

Social Lemons

Topic: Do’s & Don’t in Social Marketing


Stakeholder in the Spotlight

Fiona Curie

Ministry Economic Development & Innovation

Topic: Erasmus For New or Aspiring Entrepeneurs




 Vishal Oedjaghir

web  The Space Platform Curacao

Krishna Doll

web  The Space Platform Curacao

Carlinda Van Marel

web  Social Lemons

December 28 2015

Trending Topic

Runy Calmera

Association of Dutch Caribbean Economists

Topic: 2016 Business Resolutions


General Topic

Roangelo Lodewijks

SMS Attorneys at Law

Topic: Level up your law-game


Stakeholder in the Spotlight

Sugeidy Windster

Edudesign Caribbean

Topic: Employee Certification

 Roangelo Lodewijks

web  SMS Attorneys at Law

 Sugeidy Windster

web  EduDesign Carribean

The programs has been possible thanks to our partners

THE BUSINESS HUB will be the well of knowledge & ideas for business development originating from Curacao; The Program must lead to better understanding of business materials/information, Support of the sector, Inspire (aspiring) entrepreneurs, leading to more interaction of the sector with stakeholders and thus growth and empowerment of the economy of Curacao. To contribute to the program contact us!