Waarom Papiaments leren op Curaçao een must is

Nog voordat ik vertrok naar Curaçao, waren de studieboeken Papiaments al binnen en besteedde ik ieder vrij moment aan het bestuderen ervan in de bibliotheek. Ik moest en zou Papiaments leren. Maar waarom? Op Curaçao wordt toch ‘gewoon’ Nederlands gesproken? En de meeste Nederlanders die naar Curaçao emigreren redden het toch prima zonder het leren […]

Why Single-Tasking Is the New Multitasking

In our busy and hectic lives, the ability to focus has become more important than ever. Harnessing our attention requires minimizing distraction. And for all of the benefits and efficiencies modern technology brings, digital tools have also become some of our biggest distractions. These distractions fill our days and make us feel busy, but busyness […]

Five Steps to Begin Networking for Business Success

There’s a saying to get ahead ‘It’s not what you know but who you know‘ and when building a new business ‘It’s how many people get to know you‘. Recently the term ‘white privilege‘ has been bandied about more than ever. It refers to many things but clearly to opportunities one has to achieve success […]

7 steps to take when your audience stops growing

It happens to even the best marketers. No matter how good your content is, how wide your audience has grown, or how many best practices you’ve followed, eventually you’ll get to a point where your audience seems to stop growing. You aren’t getting any more social media followers (at least not quickly), your readership has […]

The magic of motivating employees

I was facilitating a leadership program in Ohio. A manager in the back row raised his hand and said “I have a question I can’t figure out. How do I motivate my people? They don’t do what I tell them to do. “ I get this question all the time, it is the number one […]

Five ways to use Periscope for your business

Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard about Periscope. Periscope is the app that will allow you to stream and to also enjoy live broadcasting with anyone anywhere. There are many things that you can use Periscope for and that means that you will be able to reach out to others as […]

Let’s Talk Business: Are you stuck in middle management?

There are middle managers in every field. From accounting and production to marketing and sales, managers ensure that business runs smoothly. Managers implement the strategies of their superiors. They are responsible for motivating people and getting results. But what happens when managers literally get stuck in the middle? When there is no upward mobility, just […]

Body Language: The Unspoken Key to Negotiations

You negotiate all the time — with bosses, co workers, partners, staff and clients. Even at home, you’re probably negotiating to get someone in your family to do what you want. One key to successful negotiation is creating a deep feeling of connection with the person you are communicating with. Think about it. Don’t people […]

How unhappy employees can cost your company millions

Unhappy employees cost companies worldwide billions of dollars per year in lost revenues, settlements and various other damages. The loss of revenue can send well-known companies into financial distress, with some filing for bankruptcy. Employee negligence due to dissatisfaction with their employer leads to much of the financial losses suffered by major brands and companies […]

Introductiedagen scholen in teken van informatieoverdracht

Amigoe | Introductiedagen scholen in teken van informatieoverdracht Geplaatst op 22 augustus 2015door Redactie | Reacties staat uitvoor Amigoe | Introductiedagen scholen in teken van informatieoverdracht Hits: 19 Een regenboog kleurde het schooluitje van de leerlingen van Marnix College WILLEMSTAD — De scholen zijn weer begonnen en traditioneel worden aan het begin van het schooljaar […]